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New drum mix (Pull The Plug)

So last night me and a couple of friends were fuckin' around with my new Onyx 1200F and some new mics I picked up and recorded this... Haven't done that much with it, compressed the snare a bit, EQ'd the kick and blended it a little with a sample. Aside from panning, the toms and overheads are untouched. There's a horrible rough guitar guide track my friend played and some vocals that we layed down just for fun as a joke more or less to make the track a bit more interesting to listen to than just drums, but I'm aware that the vocals and guitar track sound like horrid ass haha, I'm just looking for opinions on the drum sound!

Mic setup was as follow...

Studio Projects C4s on overheads
Shure SM57 on snare top
Audix i5 on snare bottom
Audix D2s on rack toms
Audix D4 on floor tom
Audix D6 on kick The Plug.mp3
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