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Alright people, I'm back from the first week in the studio! The drum tracks are down, so I had to get out of the lions den for a few dyas while Tim and Gian lay down the guitars! The drums sound solid, Nate has really stepped up to the task, you'll hear for yourselves, this guy is not a tank driver, he's a fucking tank!

I have to express my absolute awe at Russ Russell, he is easily the best producer I've ever worked with! His knowlege is formidable, he's such an easy guy to work (and drink) with, and he really brings something fresh to the table! His tour stories are second to none, I could listen to it all day! The night before we started, we arrived at Parlour to ditch some gear, check into the hotel, and Russ had already arranged a lockin at one of the local music pub/venues, and we proceeded to get absolutely molocated, I mean to a large scale, even for us! Day 1 was, slow...

Anyway, the jist of this sorry post, is that all is going to plan, better than planned! Hearing the album myself for the first time altogether, albeit in a very rough form was an eye opener for me - despite the differences there are in this material, it is still heavy as hell, the blasts are like thunder, and the constant punch is there!

You could say I'm a happy baldy wee man!

Oh, and Wacken has officially sold out!

Get it roon ye!

Wilson of Cans
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