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Originally Posted by ten_second_infinity View Post
Music is pretty terrible; confusing because going by your posts on this forum, one would think you'd be more picky about the band you would join, seeing as their sound is the run-of-the-mill modern death-core stuff. and yes, I know you're "shying" away from it.
I can't afford to be THAT picky about it. It's this or nothing at this point, so I'd much rather have this. I can work with this. I addressed in an earlier post that it was a miracle to even find people of this caliber around here- and that's the truth. Even finding (what I would consider) a mediocre drummer is going to be incredibly difficult.
But like with everything else, these things take time. It is during this time that I hope to "show them the light" and get away from some of these trend elements. I kind of get the feeling I'll become the main composer, but it's a fine line. I can't dictate everything to the point where they no longer want to do it because they have other influences that I don't care about.
The music isn't "terrible" by any stretch of the imagination either, so you can blow that out your ass. Harmonized sweeps have a level of technical ability that's out of the realm of 'terrible'.
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