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If you live in Boston, you should be able to find some pretty good musicians to start your own band if you're dissatisfied with the band you're in now. I dig your vocalist. I'll definitely check out more material when you guys record as a full band.

to clarify:

PWNSAUCE writes very epic music. Please, take my word on that.
Label Thief is also in a band that will do very well once their music is up.
Ten_Second is in a band I dig the fuck out of, personally. And his drummer is berserk.

You might've even found yourself some musicians to play with through the forums, but not with an arrogant attitude. The Berklee folk I met when I was visiting the campus were pretty arrogant and condescending. It doesn't bother me too much, I'm just saying.

Also, playing expensive gear isn't going to make your band or music better. Sure, it helps the overall tone & playing. But some people judge their own self-worth based on how expensive some of the things they own are. Same concept of the guy with the huge truck and small dick.

I digress.
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