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Re: VISCERAL CIRCUITRY Records: New webshop / Industrial - Grindcore - Noise - Dark

Webshop updated with more sickness!

ANONIMUUS CREATURE/ INSOLENCIA Split tape. Special packaging.
Drone experimental/ Harsh noise drone

ANONIMUUS CREATURE - When my morbid torments are speaking deeply with my death Demo tape.
Drone/ Dark ambient/ Noise

UNDERGROUND MORTO (Portugal) Underground morto Demo tape. Special packaging.

DISFIGURED HUMAN MIND/ AGATHOCLES Split tape. Special packaging.
Noise/ Grind noisecore

REDROT - Cathedral of filth CDr. Dvd case.
Noise/ Industrial/ Ambient

IZOBEL (Jap)/ SURGE LINE (Jap)/ MR.BILL and SPOT (Jap)/ L-BEZIO (Jap) Split CDr.
Black metal/ Grindcore/ Skudge Hc/ Gore grindcore
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