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Re: Game On

Would anyone recommend Control? The combat looks uninteresting to me but I've been reading good things about it overall.

I'm about halfway through Jedi Fallen Order and I'm still loving it. The only thing that has truly frustrated me so far is the 2nd time when you're supposed to get back to your motherfucking ship on motherfucking Zeffo.

Fuck Death Stranding. I'm worried I wasted my money cuz I doubt I'm going to have the will to beat it. Still on Chapter 3 and haven't played in a week.

Even though I'm not that into it, I'm getting closer to finishing the Blazblue series. Just gotta finish some side stories in Chronophantasma and then I can finish the main story in Central Fiction that I started 3 years ago.

Lastly, I just bought Judgement for half off, and if any of you are fans of the Yakuza series, then I'd recommend picking this up. It takes place in the same main city, but more detective oriented. Still pretty corny, but fun
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