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Originally Posted by quigonkick View Post
I say let's let the music do the talking. Should we really let inner band politics get in the way of enjoying this stuff? Just take it at face value, for what it is, and not get wrapped up in putting this through a series of qualifications destined to sink the ship before THE FIRST TUNE IS EVEN WRITTEN.

People say the same thing about Megadeth, yet ol' Dave keeps knocking their dicks in the dirt.
Don't get me wrong, I'd love to hear what they write, but I just think they ought to call the band, MAMELI - and stop pussying around slagging off past band members & acting all god-like. Which brings me onto Megadeth,,,

I haven't taken anything Davice 'Christ' Cooperstaine released after Countdown To Extinction seriously. Especially not now Wankstaine has become a born again Pastor & fully fledged bible-basher. Every interview the guy does now is a total Sermon for Jeebus. It's true what Kerry King once said on Mustaine's constant verbullshit... "The guy just buries himself deeper with every word he says... he's a self comedian without the punchline!" Sure, he may know how to write riffs, but he sure as fuck don't know when to shut the hell up!
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