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Well, I, for one, had no idea Dave Mustain had gone all Jesus-freak. Is he really some sort of ordained Christian Preacher now? Does he talk about God and Christ and all that when he does interviews? I'm curious.

As far as mamelli, I know that some of the old pestilence gets legendary status, but I've never really been a fan.....I've never disliked the music at all...I'm just not that familiar with it... And, you'll forgive me if I'm not a huge fan of the album that Tony played on when while we were in the studio recording Unquestionable - just after Roger died and, well, I'm sure most of you know the events that transpired at that point, so no need to rehash them again.

Also, the less-than-stellar reception that C-187 has received I think is perhaps driving this whole pestilence thing....just my uninformed take on it anyway.
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