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Originally Posted by Willith View Post
345 hmm? Sounds pretty close to tree vids or it didn't happen.

Mine hasn't been updated in awhile. I was benching 315 back in May and then it slowly declined. Now I have a shoulder issue and may have to stop benching for awhile. I'm going to the chiropractor tomorrow to have them 'reset' it since that usually does the trick. I'm putting up around 305 right now, and God willing, around 335-355 by the end of December.
Bench is an irrelevant measurement of strength anyway- your squat is probably a more accurate measurement. Or of course, the big 3 all together.
Damn dude, only if you knew LabelThief IRL. 345lbs is prob what he benched in junior high.

I haven't met very many people whom can bench over 300lbs. I can hardly get 275lbs pressed these days (reps only). Never really aimed for maxing out (being my hockey coach made it clear it's not good for you).
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