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"Emission Phase" recordings done!!!

Finally, all recordings are finished for the new album. I finished the torturing vocal sessions this saturday night...took me quite some effort and dedication, but the result is amazing...these are definitely the best vocal lines and most brutal voice I have ever recorded, very pleased with it!
You can also expect a few surprises in the vocals, because I also did some occasional clean singing this time. But don't worry, it's all functional ;) No cheesy mallcore singing...

Yesterday Mike and I recorded some extra acoustic guitars and corrected some leads at the SplitSecondSound headquarters in Tilburg, so we're done now!

This is the FINAL tracklist:

1. Invoking the Impact
2. When Stone turns to Ash
3. Craven Ablaze
4. Chokedamp
5. Defects of the Isolated Mind
6. Modulate
7. Into the Emission Phase
8. Infected
9. 2nd Sun Ascending (instr)
10. Soul Severance
11. Reborn from the Radiance
12. Fallout (instr)

Release on April 30th!
Fuckin' hell, I'm soooooo looking forward to hearing everybodies 1st impressions ;)

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