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i find boosting alot of high mids helps the bass drum alot. keeping it fleshy and chunky, yet clear and "clicky" so it stands out...

i think the "offending" area of the kick drum is like 300 Hz or so usually.

for the snare though, i have found that it´s alot more important to be careful with the low mids. too little, and it sounds like paper, too much, and it sounds like a bad porn soundtrack.

also, i´d advice against boosting too high frequencies, because if you boost the highest highs, you might get some really nasty high presence sounds that sounds brittle and icky. i have found that sometimes when i listen to meshuggah´s recordings, the ones with recorded drums, there is something in there that has a little too much ultra-highs boosted... and i don´t know what. it´s like a really gnarly clicky sound, really high pitched, like maybe the attack of a cymbal or something. though i only notice it when i have the highs boosted in iTunes to match my headset´s frequency response...
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