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Hey dude.

I'm kind of new to recording, I've been trying to read as many articles as I can on the internet and asking around. So far I've decided to buy a Mac Laptop when I can and set up shit in my room to record.

So far (given the information I have), I understand that I need software, monitors, a mixer, a digital recorder, and preamps.

I have just a handful of questions that are very basic (if the answers to these are in a book or somewhere on the internet please direct me there instead to save yourself the trouble of answering).

1. What is DAW software? Can you give me some examples? ProTools / Cubase = DAW software?

2. What actually is a PodXT? Is it a recording interface w/ preamp?

3. Do you use your PodXT with your Presonus Firepod?

4. What order do things go? As far as I can tell it goes Instrument > Preamp > Mixer > Protools > Mixing process etc.

Thanks in advance. Again I realize these questions are very newbish so if there's a book I can order or a reliable home recording website that answers these kinds of basic questions please direct me there instead of taking the time to answer them.
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