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Originally Posted by sliggy View Post
Hey dude.

I'm kind of new to recording, I've been trying to read as many articles as I can on the internet and asking around. So far I've decided to buy a Mac Laptop when I can and set up shit in my room to record.

So far (given the information I have), I understand that I need software, monitors, a mixer, a digital recorder, and preamps.

I have just a handful of questions that are very basic (if the answers to these are in a book or somewhere on the internet please direct me there instead to save yourself the trouble of answering).

1. What is DAW software? Can you give me some examples? ProTools / Cubase = DAW software?

2. What actually is a PodXT? Is it a recording interface w/ preamp?

3. Do you use your PodXT with your Presonus Firepod?

4. What order do things go? As far as I can tell it goes Instrument > Preamp > Mixer > Protools > Mixing process etc.

Thanks in advance. Again I realize these questions are very newbish so if there's a book I can order or a reliable home recording website that answers these kinds of basic questions please direct me there instead of taking the time to answer them.
1. Yes those are All Daw softwares. Its basically a Digital Audio Workstation.

2. I own it a podxt and i use it for that purpose

3. You can use it with an interface connected to your computer it greatly increases the quality.

4. If you have a interface (firepod) it goes like this, Instrument - podxt or whatever - Interface - computer - DAW

im a noob too when it comes to the tech shit, but i believe all my knowledge is correct.
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