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Before anything, I'm not calling you a liar. It's impossible for me to try to prove otherwise yet it is also impossible to provide support for what you've said. I do find it odd that your first two posts here are vague "trust me on this" and/or negative references to his character. It's no secret he's been in trouble... I get that... but I guess I'm not one to quickly break out the gas chamber without knowing more.

I cannot claim to know Frank. I only know him through his work on Elements and from a couple of phone calls I had with him a couple of years ago. The guy was very cool to me and sounded like he was talking from a place of fresh stability in his life. (I know... I could be wrong but that's not my point.) For me, to think otherwise would involve serious extrapolation based only on hearsay.

What are you trying to accomplish with your posts? I mean, with ALL the negativity out there with people claiming to know more than band X or having "the scoop" (usually derived from drawing LONG conclusions based on the always-trusty writings on the net ), who are you helping here and what are you getting done? Even if you could produce solid evidence to back up everything you've said, what good would it do? I guess it would be different if someone here was about to hand over a fortune to someone you know for a fact would screw them and you felt you needed to signal a warning, but that isn't the case here.

Just curious.
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