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Re: Frank Emmi

As for all the questions regarding Frank Emmi, allow me to clear up some open ended questions, accusations, and false reports. Yes this response is based on personal relationships. You may call it "here say" and you may want to defend the former artist. I get it. We don't want to see those we love, admire, respect in a negative light.
Frank Emmi is a talented musician and artist.
He is charming, funny, smart, and has the ability to lead others.
HOWEVER, he has not used the talent in which he fortunate to possess in a positive manner.
He has given a 17 year old drugs, had sex with her, had her sell drugs, cheated on her with a 15 girl in which he have drugs to. Ecstasy, crystal meth, acid, marijauna, and LSD. This is when he was 29.
He has 2 children. Oldest is a boy, 15 now. Youngest is a girl, 13 now. He isn't allowed to see his daughter and has "supervised visitation" with his son in which he does not follow. He's doesn't show up to court. Had never paid child support for either one.
He taught his son to sell drugs.
He STOLE from his grandmother by fraudulently signing her name on 3 checks, earning him 9 felony charges. He was placed on probation and tested positive for meth amphetamines. He went to prison for a year.
The ignorant comment about paying his phone bill. Calling him every night.
EXCUSE ME, but dare I say that children cost A LOT more than $60 metro pcs phone bill. REQUIRE A LOT more than a phone call at night.
I had an honor student who was loving, thoughtful, sweet, and happy. He made good choices. His dad didn't pay attention to him.
I watched a boy wait for a man who never called. A man who never showed up or took hours after he said he'd be there. I watched a boy take 4.5 years to earn his first degree black belt. I also watched him watch the door throughout his entire 4 hour testing after 4.5 years to see if his dad would show up. He didn't show. He couldn't "get a ride". Because HE HAS NEVER PAID CHILD SUPPORT and has no license!
Then this boy smoked pot with his dad at 12 years old. He is now 15 and his dad has/had him selling drugs.
This boy is MY son and this man, this so called father is FRANK EMMI.
I am the one who was that 17 year old girl, I am the one with my corrupted beautiful boy, we are the ones/the family who have been dealing with Frank Emmi's manipulation and drug addiction for 18 years.
Do not idolize this man, pray for him. Pray for anyone with drug addiction.
So in my eyes, Frank Emmi, of the band "Athiest" is a demon walking the earth.
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