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VAN is a 1996 FORD E350 with 160K miles.
Maroon in color, really good condition, one dent in the back by the driver side rear tire that happened when we blew a tire on the DRI tour.
has 2 bucket seats and 2 full bench seats. The back 2 were taken out, as thats where all the gear goes.
I have owned this van since 2002, well maintained .
AM/FM Cassette, air, power windows/locks, PS, PB .
I may get some minor break work done on it here soon .
I work for a place where I get MAJOR discount on all auto parts, so if you want to fix anythiing yourself, let me know and i can get the discount for you.
Runs really great
V8 351 engine. Can honestly say, have never had one problem with the vehicle . PERFECT for touring long distances or short .
I am looking to get $3000 for it OR BEST OFFER, looking to sell this month as well. You can email me for pics .

AMPEG 8X10 bass cab for sale . The true champion of any professional bass rig .The standard against which all others are measured. Comes with a custom slip over case I got from TUKI covers in NC to protect it .
Some of the cover is ripped from when before I got it , but considering most bands that tour with this cab , all the cover is gone and its just wood, this looks really good. The wheels got ripped off at one point, one of them is back one, and I still have the other. You could get this fixed for under $50 no doubt and many of you may be able to do it yourself. Bought this brand new at CHUCK LEVINS 3 years ago. Definitely worth at least $750 , cause the cover is worth over $100 alone.
I am looking to get $600 for this, OR BEST OFFER.
Email for pics.

MARSHALL 4x12 1960 A/B cabinet with vintage 30 celestion speakers.
Fucking AMAZING sounding cabinet. The speakers make this so worth it .
I just had all the casters and a handle replaced. This fucking monster is worth its weight in gold baby !!! Fucking crushes.
Worth $750 easy !! Would like to get $500 for this
Email for pics

MESA BOOGIE 4x10- 1x15 ROADREADY cabinet
Have had this for awhile, maybe 3 years as well, an absolute monster !!!
ROAD READY which means enclosed in heavy duty steel .
4 10 inch speakers + 1 15 inch speaker
everything you need
this is $1400 new
Looking to get $950 for it

No, I am not quitting music, just actually upgrading everything .

Anyone interested in any of the 4 items, just email me here or:

I live right outside of BALTIMORE !!
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