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Originally Posted by Benny Goreskin View Post
Those boys are safe man, they always bring us weed when we play Glasgow. And they got in shit from the ex-Cryptopsy guitarist cos they recorded Worm on a dictaphone and said their new EP 'featured him'!

That Cryptopsy story isnt accurate at all.
We arranged with lord worm to record vocals on a track of ours, we met up at the show, brought the mixing desk and mic to the venue and recorded a full track of vocals in the backstage area.
And were given FULL permission from him to use the track and put his name in the credits which we obviously would as he wrote and appeared on it..
Then out of the blue their guitarist Kris sent us a really cheeky snide email saying were out of order for saying we have their vocalist on a song just to get attention, and Lord worm has never recorded with us.

After that we let him him know that he is misinformed and that he is also a prick! And he shd give his vocalist a phone and get actual info before slating a band for no reason.

he did so and appologsed for his cheek!

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