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Originally Posted by goratory View Post
yeah, me and bobby (other guitarist) did a 50/50 on the writing, besides the title track which was written by our singer. Bobby has an Ibanez deal and im with Jackson. Glad you like the track Goaters!
and i see Ulcerate is tagged under your name. their new album is my favorite release of the past couple years, first record to get me excited about death metal again. Has a Gorguts Obscura feel that i love but has a totally new sound as well.
oh nice! yeah it's cool to see you guys moving away from that Doom ep era deathcore stuff.
I was looking into endorsements or more so how to go about getting an endorsement seeing as most companies don't have any info on how to go about applying and Ibanez was one that I actually found contact info on that, but still wasn't sure what exactly a band gets out of an endorsement.

The new Ulcerate album is great, It's been getting insane feed back, I wish i could have been a part of the creation of it but i joined after it was recorded so i'm just trying to do the material justice live :p

very cool to see Goratory back and playing a show! is this just a one of this like Europe show? or is the Goratory beast slowly waking up again?
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