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Name: Lou Cyfère
Age: 30
Sex: male
Residence: Paris
Siblings: none luckerly!!
Fave food: Coq au vin, Chinese
Fave season: Winter ( hate summer and it's heat)
Daily occupation: RATP employee
When did you get into Metal: 1985
When did you get into Enthroned : 1993 with the demo
First Enthroned song you heard: Tales from a blackened Horde
Favorite Enthroned song : Crimson Legions
Music tastes besides Enthroned : Arkhon Infaustus, Mayhem, hell Militia, Darkthrone, Impaled Nazarene, Dissection, Watain, Venom , bathory, Sabbat, Necrovore, Absu, celtic frost, Kreator....
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