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Originally Posted by Minurath
Excellent, looks like I'm about the youngest in here.

Name: Michaƫl
Age: 18
Sex: male
Residence: Brugge. Gent half of the time. Belgium.
Siblings: 2 older sisters
Fave food: pasta, pizza, wild, sole (fish), Greek food, kumpir
Fave season: spring
Daily occupation: studying, reading, drinking
When did you get into Metal: 2000
When did you get into Enthroned : 2002 or so
First Enthroned song you heard: can't remember
Favorite Enthroned song : Under the holocaust
Music tastes besides Enthroned: classic rock, classical music (not most of the 20th century stuff though), kleinkunst, some folkmusic, thrash metal, heavy metal, doom metal, some ambient, and of course black metal.


Name: Emily
Age: 17 (18 in August)
Sex: female
Residence: Near London... England
Siblings: 2 younger sisters
Fave food: I go through phases atm it's ham and mayonaise rolls
Fave season: Autumn/Winter
Daily occupation: Student
When did you get into Metal: er good question... what is "into" anyway?
Music tastes: I have no taste; 50's 60's rock and roll, 80's pop/synths, some early 90's stuff, classical music, music from other countires (Namely france, some dutch, a bit of german and recently a little russian), ballards, etc etc etc.... it's kind of complicated
Favourite film: Probably the Labyrinth though generally I prefer world cinema. Like a well written horror and some science fiction.
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