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Name: Morthvargr
Real Name: Alex Lozano
Age: 24 (2006)
Sex: Male/Heterosexual
Residence: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Siblings: Two younger brothers, one younger sister. I'm the eldest child.
Favourite Food(s): Italian, Greek, German, Polish, seafood, poultry, lasagna, Quizno's subs
Favourite Season: Autumn and winter.
Daily Occupation: College grad, aspiring black metalist, currently unemployed and rife with resentment towards society.
When did you get into metal?: Just around the end of high school.
When did you get into Enthroned?: When I was in college right after high school (2001-2005). I was getting into more extreme metal in general around this time also. Yes, I'm a late bloomer.
Instruments I Play: Drums & percussion. I could also do vocals if I wanted.
First Enthroned song you heard?: Skjeldenland
Favourite Enthroned Song(s): Too many to mention. Just refer to my thread posting on favourite Enthroned songs from each album.
Musical tastes besides Enthroned: All other forms of good quality black metal, death metal, extreme thrash, folk metal, sometimes some ambient depending on the artist, a tiny bit of grindcore, a bit of doom metal/sludge metal, classical/neo-classical, jazz, old 90s alternative rock (from my very formative muscial years).

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