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Originally Posted by Excrementor View Post
Who is this London black metal promoter who keeps putting utterly shit UK bands on (Necro Ritual) supporting good bands? I thought Goat Molestor were on that spot anyway, or have I been misinformed?
Necro Ritual are fucking good and I'm not just saying that because one of my band's guitarists plays for them, because I have exactly the same opinion on them now as I did before he joined.
People need to actually fucking listen to what they're doing now instead of jumping on the band-wagon of slagging them off which is way out-dated. Did it ever occur to you that the promoter is putting them on these gigs because they're doing some really innovative stuff with their music and put on an amazing live show? Also they've worked really hard to be in the position they've found themselves in.
I like Goat Molestor too but you can't expect them to get put on these awesome gigs without even trying... I mean they never play more than once a year here, so why do they deserve stuff to be handed to them?
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