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Anneke has left The Gathering

According to The Gathering´s website:

"05/2007 Anneke is leaving the Gathering
Dear all,

We are very sorry to announce the fact that Anneke has decided to leave the band in August 2007.
Anneke has several reasons not to be a member anymore. *We really regret the fact we could not find a way to continue together.*
However, we [the Gathering] will be working on new material with male & female vocalists. Expect a CD release somewhere in 2008.

With Anneke we've made great albums and did fantastic shows, which we are very proud of!
We had a great time! We wish Anneke all the best for the future.

The remaining festivals we will play together with Anneke. No new gigs will be scheduled.
The last gig with Anneke will be the Ankkarock Festival in Finland, the 4th of August.
Also the new DVD A Noise Severe as well as the double live CD will still be released this summer.

Frank, Hans, Marjolein & René."
note from the webteam: Anneke's statement will be published on her myspace account.
Source: Hans Rutten

I don´t believe!! I´m chocked, sad... but if it´s the better choice for them I as fan support it!!
But I didn´t get to awake for this new reality yet...
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