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Originally Posted by quartertroll View Post
Oh man, you've really got your binoculars the wrong way around here. Those acts are disgusting in their disregard for human life, free will and invididual dignity, yes. Do they compare to the death and destruction inflicted by empires, most recently the American one, on those countries? Certainly not. Are 3,000 WTC employees in Manhattan worth more than the hundreds of thousands of foreign victims of America's greed for power and resources? Compare the victims of suicide attacks to US or Israeli air strikes and tell me how the numbers compare. Not to mention the fact that almost all suicide bombings are a response to political and/or military oppression, and hence no more or less legitimate than an attack by a recognised army (in fact more legitimate than many of those, considering the motive is defence/freedom rather than domination and theft).

I realise that Americans are handicapped through their media and a natural tendency to overlook the rest of the world, but in the age of the Internet it's really not so hard to inform oneself a little more.
Was it Christianity/Judaism/Mainstream western religions and their variants that caused America and the west to do these things or just greed/stupidity/neo-imperialism? I guess in the case of the establishment of Israel and the ongoing conflict and strife since then you could attribute violence to Judaism. The relevant point is that Muslims are given special privileges because minor insults result in credible threats of violence, and major ones result in Theo van Gogh. In the midst of cultural and religious relativism, nobody seems to want to accept that Islam, by it's nature, is a more violent and destructive religion than any others.

Buddah did a line of coke in the episode, and Jesus chastised him because it was "in front of the kids". Joseph smith probably did some offensive crap too but I don't really remember. Shouldn't that have been censored too then? Why weren't there any credible death threats from those groups? We have to acknowledge that the Muslim religion is simply more disposed to violence than other world religions.

I won't argue that America is perfect and is capable of no fault, but I will say that Islam is, in practice, a violent religion.

Obviously we shouldn't try to convert or modernize the middle east, but we need to stop giving so much god damn reverence to this delusional mental disease. I'm sick of the "everything is the same, we cannot judge" attitude circulating through the west. Islam should be judged just as modern imperialism is, as a horrible affliction poisoning the world, not a sacred belief set to be revered and respected. To elevate it to the status to where it can abridge rights of free speech because it is simply too sacred to mock is just preposterous.

And what about the violence and oppression they perform on eachother? Though I don't agree with them, apologists for Islamic violence against the west have some valid points and well-reasoned ideas, but what about the clitorectomies, stonings, stone age justice, lack of democracy, disdain for modernity and science, and severe myopia? How can you attribute that to the actions of the west? Those things are the fault of Islam. Other religions don't seem to limit human welfare as severely.

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