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Originally Posted by F0RBIDDEN
Mason, turns out you definitely can import MIDI files and use them to trigger wav samples, it is complicated as hell and you need to make sure all the drums in your MIDI file coincide with the right MIDI notes in the Fruityloops piano roll of course so it is a pain to set up, but you can do it! It is probably easier to just sequence it in Fruityloops from scratch, I have figured out how to use it exactly like a MIDI sequencer finally, which was always my dream lol, so now I am fucking good to go, Fruityloops rules. It is going to be way too hard to type a new tutorial section covering this piano roll note assignment crap so I am not going to bother, you can program without it just fine, it is just my personal preference not to have patterns at all and to program from start to finish in one window.
Fuck yeah, this is awesome news. I like my DM5 for some of the cymbal work, but I would like to create my own kit with the one-shot samples I have. Dood, the program I use to make the midi drums is so fucking easy to use. It use to take me a while, but I can usually write a song and program it, in about a hour or less.
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