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Seems like that Dagoloth guy is found of Sabathan
hahaha.'s my opinion :

- I don't know anything of what happened, so I won't start with such baby comments as what mister wrote there...

- I liked his vocals on some albums but not all of 'em
- I met Sabathan to a few concerts over the years and I thought lately he became more a rock star than anything.
- the last two years on stage Enthroned sucked mostly because there was no feeling into Sabathan vocals and you could see he was there more for the attention and for the girls then for anything else, maybe that's why he started a carrier in the porn industry :lo:
- I will always support enthroned and respect those guys because at least even if one doesn't like their music he has , (unless he is a birdbrain "with a IQ level of O" ( I loved that one)) to reckon that those guys are true to themselves and are not sell out whores!

and to finish I will like devil spell said, wait and see (or hear) how the new vocalist/ bassist will be! I hope it will not be a copy of Sabathan because I think enthroned should go forward and climb the ladder of challanges as a big FUCK OFF to everyone who will criticise your decision guys!
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