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Tour Diary for Feb 2006 tour with NEURAXIS PART 2

Next up was Vegas, a strange place to have a show. The lounge/bar of a hotel. Cool show, small crowd, again with IMPALED, and the catering was GREAT !!
Thanx to deb .
Next up, the sold out LOS ANGELES MURDER FEST in Hollywood,CA.
Played a killer set, played with great bands PHOBIA, DISFEAR, IMPALED, VITAL REMAINS, fuck man, it was great from start to finish . Thanx to DAN !!

SAN FRANCISCO @ The Pound. A monday night, TRAGEDY showed up, a killer fucking show, one of the best of the tour. My man Jesse at the POund is the man, always looking out.

Next 2 days in Idaho were cancelled due to a scumbag promoter, we got MOST of our money, but the promoter still owes us, and has yet to make it right. SCUMBAG

After that, a rocking show in Wyoming.Thanx to Joel , good times indeed.
Next night in DES MOINES, was really small, but really cool. Hairy Marys always treats us right , and this night was no different.

Superior,WI was cool, great hotel room, cool show, Erik always does righ by us, had a good time partying with NEURAXIS .

Chicago had the weed in full effect so everyone in the band was pleased (aside from me ) Thanx to the UNHOLY TRIO .

Jaren from THE DREAM IS DEAD did our Indy show, and it was killer man, really had a good time, good set and great hanging out with him, make sure to check out his band.

I cant really say how impressed we were with the SKUNKS NEST in Michigan.The near perfect DIY space. Treated great, decent sound, lots of kids, everything you could ask for in a show.

Evansville IN, thanx to Rob , club 1123 , great show, weird town, but show again , lots of kids for a weeknight ( over 100) , good pay, good food.Good times !!

Last show was Rochester,NY. Great seeing SULACO, RED DEATH , playing in area we had been to since the last I HATE YOU SHOW. ( sissys, haha)

Tour was great, NEURAXIS ruled EVERYNIGHT , cant wait to play with them in Canada on this upcoming tour.
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