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Originally Posted by MadTinus View Post
I downloaded it already. I already got my shipping confirmation email on Friday the 14th, so it should have been here already. I'm having problems with mail arriving from the UK for about a year and a half now, things go missing and/or arrive with delay, it's getting really annoying. It should take 2-3 days for mail to arrive within Europe, so more than a week is not normal. Still, so far I have always received stuff I ordered from Burning Shed, so let's hope this'll get here too sooner or later...
Haven't got mine yet but I went ahead and cheated.

Have to say only the last track grabbed me initially, just 'cos it has a nice groove in parts. I played Nil Recurring and The Sky Moves Sideways at a friend's place last night while I cooked dinner for a few people and TSMS went down well, but NR not so well. Not that that means anything at all, of course, as PTree is hardly dinner-party music!!!

One thing I'll say is the opening track or two really DO/DOES feel like leftovers from FOABP. Mostly because of the recycled lyrics and melodies, of course. But it leaves me wondering how SW could have stressed so emphatically on PT's website that this is absolutely a standalone release and not leftovers. Leaves me a little confused.

Need to listen a bit more, of course, but right now I've got an Emperor 'Best Of' selection playing, so it'll have to wait for another day!
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