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Originally Posted by nickc View Post
Yeah, like The Sky Moves Sideways (the song). I love it so much and this is the perfect time of year for it too - they just never seem to play stuff from that album.
Tell me about it. Accidently I was listening to it yesterday, 18 minutes of pure pleasure, and I wondered if this time they might make an exception. Guess not.
Another one I really like is of course Voyage 34, but that being such a concept album I think it's difficult to tear it apart. Fortunately they do tend to throw Radioactive Toy in sometimes.

Let's keep our fingers crossed. But then, I love them so much that they actually can play (almost) anything. I'll definately enjoy it.

PS: I just realised my English was a mess when I wrote the previous message. Sorry nickc, you being from London and all ... must hurt.

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