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Re: Emeth new line up and new album

drums are finished! Nico did an amazing job. videoreport coming up soon!

Just a few months after joining the band Tom Necromuynck decided to part ways with Emeth due to personal reasons.
No worries we already found the perfect replacement; you will be sycked!!!

That's right peeps… We've said it: We have a new vocalist!

We are very happy to announce… Oh wait a minute, we're not playing it that way. Instead, we want you to guess who it is and win a FREE Emeth Telesis Box including a FREE Telesis album, T-shirt. poster, picks… The whole shabang!

What do you have to do to get this? Easy:
- first of all LIKE us on Facebook
- second, give us a name on Facebook of who you think will be the new Emeth vocalist.

It's that simple! The winner is handpicked out of the right answers given and will be announced exactly a week from now.

Here's some additional info:
This guy has earned his credentials over the years having screamed his ass of in several bands and having played on the biggest stages and festivals all around the world. He will complete the strongest Emeth line up yet and will take Emeth to another level. Be ready!

Alright. LIKE and give us a name on Facebook.
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