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yeah, solid decline would be an idea, but they live in berlin, and from my hometown berlin is ca. 700km far away. i don´t know if these guys travel that far for just one gig.
i know, for you guys in america 700km are peanuts, but, you know, we´re here in germany.
you know, from the swiss-border in the south of germany to the danish-border in the north it´s ca. 1000-1100km.
but i bet that you´re going to play with these guys in potsdam and/or berlin.
i also bet that the mannheim guys making a great festival when you´re over here, like they did for w.h.n.?/lärm etc.
the mannheim/flowerviolence guys are always making a perfect job in organising shows.
i´m not nostradamus, but i´m sure your european tour will be awesome ;)
hopefully there are no al-quaida members in the plane when you fly to germany ;)
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