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Originally posted by metalcripple
why the hell would me being in a wheelchair have anything to do with me touring... the reason i wont tour is beacause when it comes to the music crotchduster is mainly just me and how the hell am i sussposed to put a show together with just me playing everything.. that would be so gay.. unless you want to watch me sing to a cd of crotchduster which would be even more gay.. capharnaum is playing the md dethfest ive been practicing with them... another reason that crotchduster isnt touring is because i have a business to run here with my studio and im booked up and on top of all that im writing capharnaum stuff too and bla bla bla bla, but me being in a wheelchair has nothing at all with me touring or not...
I didn't know you were actually in a wheelchair. Does that mean that you are also jewish for true? Cuz I'm half, and it's fun and stuff.
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