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Re: Considering moving to Spain

Originally Posted by Dradent View Post
Hi, folks!
I've been living in Ireland for quite some time and now more and more often I find myself thinking about moving to Spain for permanent residence. But the problem is that unfortunately I have no friends there, no relatives to ask for some advice about this country from the inside. What d'you think is it the right pick? What city or village is it beter to head off?
Hi Dradent!
I'm pretty certain that after gloomy and boring Ireland you will like Spain for sure )) that's exactly what happened to me after moving there from the suburbs of Paris despite the fact I firmly decided to move to some other European country as I was seriously disappointed with the policy that my ex-country was leading at that moment (and is still leading) ((( Circumstances round the fire of Notre Dame were the last straw. When choosing where to go I read lots of different materials on the web and in the long I decided to move to the Costa Blanca area in Spain )) I've lived here since August and have no regrets about my decision! The only trouble I had here was picking my new apartment as real estate in Spain is quite expensive. Luckily my cousin found this with great articles and a very comprehensive catalogue of estates. Thanks to its filters it was quite easy to figure it all out! I strongly recommend you to use it! Any questions feel free to ask me below
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