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Originally Posted by SculptedCold
Although I love the music, and I admire the balls it takes to release something that is genuinely controversial and contemporary, I can't help but feel deep revulsion and worry at the content.
Yes, I felt somewhat the same way when I learned of the subject matter of tNAoC. It touches on themes that are so difficult to deal in an objective way, even when taking special care to do it objectively and with tact. Alas, Vile don't seem to have gone for the subtle approach.

After all it is deathmetal, but I fear when I come across this that it further reflects (and potentially fuels) the mis-guided egocentric view of the world that so much of the USA seems to hold these days...

P.S. I just long for the time when the USA (both gov't and people) restores the harmony and goodwill with their allies around the world (the ones that they seem to believe the don't need anymore).
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