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Re: MUCUS - New demo out now! Grindcore/ Belgium


I have a few copies in stock,
for those who prefer to use a webshop:

And here’s the review published in my webzine NIHILISTIC HOLOCAUST:

When you turn the MUCUS name inside out,
it sounds like SUCUM... SUCK CUM!
Are you a semen swallowing whore? SUCK MORE CUM!
I thought I reminded MUCUS to be a goregrind band, but maybe I'm wrong or it was another one (There's so much shit and bacterias into this world, that more than one MUCUS are needed to sponge everything, Hé?).
The style here is grindcore, with touches of goregrind and something like powerviolence influences.
This reminds me what DESECRATOR (Fra) did in the 00's when they had efficient blasts, and there's something of old SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION for some screams and blasts (Before the albums... Perhaps it was the split with ROT).
If I was in a drunk mood I could even quote DISJONCTOR (Especially the good side of the split with INTESTINAL DISEASE), but unfortunately for all the liquidity of this world I'm very sober... So I won't.
There's some kind of powerviolence/ fastcore edge to the whole, but I'm not a sexologist expert of the style, so I won't dissect the private hairs.
Some parts are a little too "core" for me (Not sure how to describe it) but the songs were built in a quite efficient manner and there's a nice fresh energy (That reminds me the French grind scene from the mid/ end 90's).
Nice demo for grind freaks.
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