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Here's an interview we did just before the 2005 US-tour. You can expect some new interviews very soon!!

Gathering of the Sick (July 2005)

How and when did Emeth start up?
Well the first four years of the bands existence it was more metal - death core orientated music. We released some demo stuff and a 7” which were all sold out in no time. We started out as a project of some friend playing in different bands, but not being satisfied in these bands. At the time it was Tom K – vox, Kristof – drums, Jochen – gtr, Matty – gtr, wouter - bass. After some rehearsals we had some songs and we thought hell let’s make this our main band. So we did. It was a great time and we did a lot of gigs here in Belgium.
After a few years some people in the band wanted to evolve in to a more technical and faster metal band. Due to these musical differences the band parted with most of it’s original members, leaving matty & tom K with the task of finding new bandmembers. Both hath a good idea of where they wanted to take the music and kept working on new ideas.
After a non active period of nearly 2 years they met Tom A. who formerly played drums in a local band called ‘necrodocion’. He was looking for a band and we started jamming and his drumming capabilities matched perfectly with what emeth was looking for: fast and technical.
So his joining matty & tom K really met a new start for the band. His kind of playing does have a major impact on the bands direction cause the band was now able to play a musical style that was always intended but could never be played due band members who didn’t have the technical skills. At that moment the line-up was Tom K – vox, Matty- Gtr, Tom A – drums. We tried some guitar and bassplayers, but nothing worked out. All main members in emeth being perfectionists they don’t want to settle with what’s only second best for the band. Now after 4 years of being a 3 piece band we’ve added Kevin on bass to the line-up, because his brutal fingersstyle of playing perfectly adds another brutal dimension to the music of emeth.

Have any of you been in other bands?
Of course we all had our learning time in tons of local unknown shitty bands. But to name some you might know: I played in Agathocles for several years and in Suppository for awhile. Tom A played in Necrodochion.

Who are your main influences?
To name some (death) metal bands we listen to Suffocation, Nile, Lust of Decay, Morbid Angel, Dillinger Escape Plan, Hateplow, Malevolent Creation, Disgorge, Deeds of Flesh, Gorgasm, Fear Factory,... Some of us also like some nu-metal bands and trash. As musicians we are more influenced by a whole bunch of Fusion/Jazz/Latin players like Chick Corea, Allan Holdsworth, Frank Gambale, Victor Wooten,….

How would you describe Emeth's sound?
I would answer: Extreme music. To be honest we don’t care about that, let other people put a tag on us. We just want play music and not be wrapped up in ‘image and acting’… I guess you should talk to people who listen to our music to find out why they listen to us. Only then you’ll get some objective answer to this question!!
Of course we hope that Emeth sounds (a bit) different from other extreme (death) metal acts. But the main concept to Emeth's material is creating an extreme form of brutal music that reflects our personal preferences on music. That's for two reasons; first, we like to listen to all kinds of (extreme) music as persons. Secondly as musicians it gives us the opportunity to push the musical envelope and combine all our influences; ranging from death metal to jazz/fusion.

What can we expect from Emeth at the Gathering Of The Sick?
You can expect some utterly BLASTING BRUTALITY AND INTENSITY and nothing less.

How does the metal scene in Belgium compare to other places that you have played?
There isn’t much to tell about the Belgian scene actually, cause it’s not such a big scene. There are only a few bands in Belgium that really stand apart from the mediocre: Aborted, Leng ‘tche, In-quest… and maybe some more but that’s about it. Most other bands are in my opinion just copycatting their examples… So I can imagine you don’t know many bands from Belgium. An other example that there isn’t a real scene over here are the appearances on gigs. From time to time gigs take place and mostly there are more musicians (from the bands that play) than visitors who come to see the bands.
We have a few gigs in the summer months in our country, but we don’t expect much from that. Of course we would like to have a massive crowd coming to every show, but what can you do?? People are just to lazy to get out of their chairs… Because of this lack of interest in extreme music in our own country, we are always more focused on finding gigs in other country’s where people enjoy some extreme form of metal. It’s is always fun to play in like Czech Republic, Germany, Holland, The US, Switserland..., people really go crazy. There’s always some pit going on, headbanging,… Hell they enjoy this extreme form of music to the fullest.

Will you guys be recording a new album anytime soon?
Yeah for sure! The writingproces is working out great, the new songs are much more differentiated then the Insidious album. We feel that the new songs are a synthesis of the astute songwriting which Emeth stands for, yet improved to blend ferocious power and astounding technical prowess together with smashing dynamics to create more resounding songs. If things go as planned the next full lenght will be recorded in december 2005 (again at the Excess Studio in Rotterdam NL) and should be released around march 2006 on the Brutal Bands Label

Besides music, what does Emeth do for fun?
Besides playing music everybody in emeth has a fulltime job. And some other hobbies are motorcycle racing, moutainbiking, snowboarding.

Where do you think Emeth will be in five years?
We have always been dedicated and invested a lot of ourselves in this band and it would be a big achievement for us if we could tour and release cd’s on a regular basis. The dedication pays off well, each week more and more people are getting interested in Emeth. And the responses we`ve got so far on the album and live shows are really amazing! All this wouldn’t be possible without BRUTAL BANDS (, Scott - the guy behind this label - really believes in emeth’s music and supports the band 100%. So we hope to be still around in five years.

Thanks for the interview. Any final comments?
Thanks for your interest in our band, and giving us the opportunity to spread our words/music. As some people know we going to tour the US this summer. We like to see you on one of our shows near your area.
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