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Carnage (Russia-June 2005)

1/ How is weather in Belgium? Tell something about this beautiful country.
First of all we (Tom K & Matty) want to thank you for putting up this intie and for the interest in our band. It's a pleasure to answer your questions and we wish you all the best with your website/forum. We can be short in on your first question: “living” in Belgium is great, although the deathmetal scene is not that big over here. Just like the deathmetal scene, the weather sucks most of the time!

2/ What pushed you to play Brutal Death?
It’s crazy music and we just love it to play but we made an evolution during the years. In the beginning (the first four years) of the bands existence it was more metal - death core orientated music. After a few years some people in the band wanted to evolve in to a more technical and faster metal band. So, here we are: playing some brutal death and we hope people love it.

3/ What is Brutal Death Metal for you?
Nothing but good music and a lot of fun...

4/ Tell me please about your lyrical concept? And how is it important for Emeth?
The lyrical content is important to us because there is an inward-looking, introspective, self-referential exploration wherein the main movements of metaphor and transgression/transcendence happening on a subtle, finely detailed plane, rather than a projecting outwards of openly emotive/evocative themes. The importance to the reader depends on the reader because the subject isn't always very clear if you read the lyrics so there is a huge freedom of interpretation. If one does take the time to read the lyrics the readers own interpretation of the lyrics will define the written subject. In this sense one could say that my lyrics are a paradox. They "refuse" people's attempts to empathize with its true subject, yet it is needed to read them and think them over to interpret them.

5/ What does mean the band's name?
EMETH is an old Hebrew word, directly translated it means: "Truth", but it has a slightly different connotation if you know the myth of the Golem.

6/ What bands have affected you?
To name some (death) metal bands we listen to: Suffocation, Nile, Morbid Angel, Dillinger Escape Plan, Hateplow, Malevolent Creation, Gorgasm, Fear Factory,... Some of us also like some nu-metal bands and trash. As musicians we are more influenced by a whole bunch of
Fusion/Jazz/Latin players.

7/ What you can say about Black Metal & NSMB?
We’re not much into black metal and we don’t know a lot about that scene, it’s never been our cup of tea. So, I can be short on this subject. Probably the black metal movement in a way had the same effect on some death metal bands as the death metal movement had on some black metal band; trying to mix both things up.

8/ What can you say about racism? Is this cancer in your country?
Belgium is a country well known for it’s multitude of people of all races, most of them living in large cities. These cities do attract a lot of attention and apparently there is a growing electoral support for a racist partie, well known in most parts of Europe. The leader of that partie says our culture is superior to other ones. He also says that our values, our way of life are superior and that our culture is not compatible with other cultures. These statements are creating a general feeling of unsafety, insecurity and disrespect among all people of belgium. It’s a sad thing but racism is an important subject our country (probably the whole world) has to deal with in the future, and hopefully people will unite to stand up against this.
9/ What is your opinion about your colleague specialy Aborted?
The Aborted fellas are good friends and it is a band that really stands apart from the mediocre in Belgium. They did a great job on their last album “The Archaic Abbatoir”. We always wish them all the best, because we know they are working very hard and these guys really deserve it.

10/ Whould you like to come to Israel or Russia for concert? Is it real?
Sure we want to come to Israel or Russia. We want to play almost everywhere but we haven’t got the chance yet. So if promotors want to hook us up on a tour they should get in contact with us at

11/ When we can hear your next album? I would like that it will be more intense and fast!
We are working like maniacs on new songs. We feel that the new stuff is a synthesis of the astute songwriting which emeth stands for, yet improved and reinvented to dizzying new heights. The main goal is to blend ferocious power and astounding technical prowess with smashing dynamics, yet creating resounding songs. The next full lenght should be released around march 2006 on the Brutal Bands Label. More news on the new record will be released around september on our website

12/ The question that I ask to all brutal bands - what is your opinion about religion?
For us it’s really not important, but like I mentioned in question 8, there is an issue of racism and religious intolerance. There is a big link between these 2 things and I think we have to respect each others religion because for some people religion is very important and is their way of life.

13/ And what about satanism?
Like stated in question 12. Religion isn’t important for us, but we respect others people’s believes.

14/ Do you believe in life after death?
What is life and what is death?

15/ What are you doing except the music? Do you work? Where?
I think being a full-time musician is a dream that probably never come true. Playing in a band and being a musician is one of the most important things in our lives, so it's normal that we want to make records, do gigs all the time, but that's not possible. We are not making money by playing in our band, at the moment the band costs us a lot of money, but we see it as a nice investment. We are happy if we can sell some merchandise and get paid at our concerts so we can cover our outgoing expenses. So yes, we all have full-time jobs cause every month we have rent and bills to pay, families to feed,... Kevin drives a forklifttruck, Tom A. is a truck driver, Tom K. is a social worker and Matty is also a master in criminology.

17/ Few words to your fans over here.
Keep supporting brutal death metal!! If you're interested, check out our website. People who are not familiar with our band, you can find some of our material in the media -section. Check out:
Thank you a lot. Nice was to speak with you. Stay brutal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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