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Ok well I downloaded a few Otep songs and you know what? I ain't a fan, as a matter of fuct, I say they aren't good there I said it. They sound like handicaps eating garbage (But I am a dick). BUT I don't want fans of Otep to listen to my shit remarks because it is just me and in certain eyes and ears they are fuckin sweet. It's a matter of matter of moment and taste. I fucking don't wanna fucking go off on a giant fuckin rant here or catagorization of Crisis as JUST a female vocal band as their only frill. Because they are fuckin sweet all around and I love them for the amazing music they play. But I'm saying, as far as female bands they should play a gig with, it would be sweet to see Crisis tour with The Cycle sluts from hell (it would be fuckin awesome if they got back together)! Especially with that song "I wish you were a beer". It would get the moshes warmed up before Crisis came on and took everyone's life in the pit by kicking ass!
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