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I hate to get involved in shit like this... but I will anyways. Otep just tends more towards pop-hardcore (along the lines of Slipknot, etc.) but the music isn't particularly bad (at least on Sevas Tra, the only disc of their I have). Confession was actually a damn good song, but the rest of the disc pales in comparison. Mostly, I am not a particlular fan of Otep herself and constantly spelling "I" (the personal pronoun) as "eye" (which is a noun and a body part). Pretense annoys me.

I think that the comparisons all around are a bit unfair, though, and seem to be based entirely on comparisons between Karyn and Otep. Okay,I've been guilty of this in the past (on this forum no less) but there is much more to both bands than the vocalist and the fact of their femininity. It is the same as if you were comparing Crisis and 12 Tribes just because the guitarists are male.

damn this was long...I will shut up now
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