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Re: Drum programming questions

Originally Posted by alexmabbitt View Post
Try Superior Drummer 2.0 and after that install METAL FOUNDRY or so... google it IT'S ALMOST THE BEST
This. I've been using SD 2.0 with Metal Foundry for some home recordings and it's amazing the versatility that you can get with the drum sounds. It lets you mix the drums within the program, alter the amount of bleed from other other kit pieces, and apply effects right in the mixer. Some of the EZX kits are decent sounding "pre-mixed" kits that still allow you to mix and match drum pieces (different cymbals, toms, etc.), but The Metal Foundry sports unprocessed samples with many different kit pieces that just allows for insane flexibility in the sounds you can get. It's something like 30 GB of drum hits and took me about 2 hours to install. Honestly, the EZX's would be a good route to go if you don't want to really hassle with trying to fine tune the drums sounds yourself. Even they allow for some flexibility in the set assembly.

And, yes, they have pre-recorded, unquantized midi files that you can just drag and drop into you DAW. You can purchase packs, but each expansion has it's own files that are included.

Don't buy any of that stuff from Toontrack's site. You can get it a lot cheaper at a place like Audio Deluxe or a few others online that I can't recall. If you want, I can send you some files of stuff I've recorded using SD 2. Hope this helps.

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