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Latest Decibel mag(At the Gates on the cover?)

I'm just making sure that I'm not completely delusional from lack of sleep... I was at Barnes and Nobel a few hours ago. While there I read Mookie's column about a drunken, anti-semitic blonde woman, and a two page article on GT. Now, this(GT article) might have been another magazine, but I'm pretty sure it was Decibel and At the Gates was on the cover... right?

If all of this IS making sense, I did enjoy both articles. I can't wait for BUTH to be out, AND I'm going to see GT three times in the next 2 or 3 months. Awesome. Awesome.

So.. I guess what I'm saying is.. pick up the latest issue of Decibel which explains a little bit of the origins of GT, and why Cryptopsy should be thanked ASAP.
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