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I was looking for new bands a couple of months ago, then someone (Can’t remember the name) told me “Hey, if you’re looking for brutal or crazy bands, try Emeth from Belgium, they sure kick ass”. I told myself “Why not”, So I started looking for this band all over the web, then the CD arrived a couple of weeks ago…and damn I’m glad it did.

“Insidious” is an album wrapped in brutality and catchiness at the same time, I have to be honest with you, when I first pushed play in my stereo I thought “well, the riffs are insane and brutal…damn I wanted more” and more is what I got, as the album flows the chaotic riffing and the disorganized music begins to slowly disappear, even though the best part of that feature sticks to the end, so when ”Manifestation” ends, you’ll be saying “What the fuck did just happen?” and then the great bass intro from ”Mitigated Enmity” appears blowing minds again.

I heard some small guitar solos in the album, which means they actually CAN do cool solos, so I say “Keep the complex guitar solos flowing man!!!” that would bring more intensity towards the music for sure. Emeth is surely a good band, their sound keeps growing as the CD spins; as you can see this is not the average Brutal Death Metal band, the band adds many twists here and there.

I liked the album very much, yes it’s really fucking Brutal and yes those “Hihihi I’m very cool because I listen to H.I.M and COB” dudes will despise this release, I really think they should try ”Stratum” they’ll crap their pants a little bit I’m sure, that song is the best one in the album by the way, along with ”Aeon” a really weird somehow experimental tune.

Final Verdict: this one started slow, but in the end it impressed me very much. Now I’m really interested in the new release (2006).

Best Tracks: “Stratum”, “Mitigated Enmity”, “Aeon”

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