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No Bullshit Zine (Philippine)

I was very surprised because this band is not new to the u.g scene and even shared some stage with great European death metal bands, INSIDIOUS was actually released last 2004 and this was actually their first full length. These guys totally captures my attention, and even I was a bit shocked while listening to this, it seems like they are torturing me. The technical guitar riffing is fucking head crushing like grabbing my head to the sewer with brutality approach of a gutted vokills, how I wish I could play guitar something like this in my band, the pinch harmonic and arpeggios are sweet in my ears, that combines the thundering blast beats makes my heart weak, I guess I am having a heart attack now…hehe! The merging of song structure is awesome and I won’t be surprise if these guys will be one of the next big thing in brutal death metal in Europe. - Corix
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