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Emeth's debut full length is carefully made brutal death. Besides being an incredible album, "Insidious" shows that Emeth use many resources, such as permanent bass, guitar or drums solos, plus good vocals. There's an impressive instrumental part in every song, and all of them have a special place in the album. "Impermanence Of Being", the first track in the album, starts with a fade in, a sort of ascension, as "Aeon" closes the album softly, descending from guitar riffs to clear keyboards. All the other songs retain that idea, using different tempos and riffs. Finally, I'd state that "Insidious" has shown that Emeth will have a great future in the metal scene, not only because of the sheer ability of the members, but also because their refreshing creativity. Even though this album is great, the band still has a lot of potential which will hopefully be converted into output for the next album[4.5 stars if it were possible]
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