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Excellent Death Metal, very dark and technical in some points, they had a pretty good sound and the guitar player quite spastic. Their new tracks are definitely great, it's been ages I've seen them and it was a pleasure, and what a fucking drummer!! Emptiness seems to get each time a better drummer and the whole band just got better and more compact, a pure unholy Death Metal attack that was!

As there was a problem with the drummer od Dead Inside, who had another concert in holland and a car crash on the way back, Enthroned accepted to let Dead Inside play after them, so people wouldn't have to wait one more hour (as the space between the bands was quite long) before witnessing one of the bands of tonight!
Well, Everything started up with a ritual which was very interesting and mystique (except for the few idiots, including Aguynguerran bass player) the audiance was respectful and then after some blessings from the Satanic priest, Ahephaim, Phorgath, Nguaroth and Nornagest entered the stage. They kicked off with "Ingressus..." from Tetra Karcist and opened the gates of Hell,
they played "Pray", "Tellum Scorpionis" and continued with some classics like "At the sound of the Millenium Black bells", "Under the Holocaust", "By Dark Glorious Thoughts" amongst others. Their sound was EXCELLENT, which is something I was pleased with, as I almost never seen Enthroned with a good live sound. Old guitar player N.Daemon joined Enthroned on stage for Boundless Demonication, Nornagest giving his axe to him and handeling only the vocals (which were fucking BRILLIANT!!!), for one time Enthroned appeared to us as a five piece and did a great job. Afterwards they continued with "Vermin" coupled with "Pantheon of Oblivion" (bonus track from the ltd edition of "Tetra Karcist") with Verderf as guest vocals performing on stage for the first time since the split-up of Verloren and Antira.
All in all, the best Enthroned concert I've ever witness (and believe me I've seen a lot of them), Nornagest confirms that he is definitely a better frontman than Sabathan, Enthroned is reborn and DAMN! IT DOES GOOD!!!!!!!

They had to play after Enthroned as their drummer arrived pretty late due to his accident, I'm not too familiar with the band's work but I bought their album at the concert, good Black n' roll with a strong Turbonegro-Carpathian Forest influence behind it, I would say...
A good set, Virus (Heimath, Gottmor) was like possessed and delivered a great performance but I thought that it could have been more energetic comming from the musicians.
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