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Gotta go with our resident terrorist on this one: although I'll give the music the benefit of the doubt, until I get to give it a good listen, the disdain Mameli has shown for the early work and some of the former members of Pestilence should be enough for him not to use the name Pestilence, since it's not a reunion, doesn't involve someone who most of the Pesti-fans regard as at least as important as Mameli, and means to head in a musical direction that probably won't really fit the Pestilence monicker. The latter would be OK with me if it involved Foddis and Uterwijk and they were all in line with some sort of change in the sound, but this is purely a Mameli thing, and in spite of what he seems to think, Pestilence was more than just him. I personally also think that he severely overplayed his musical hand on Spheres - few (in metal) have the musical talent to compose the way Keyser/White/Jarzombek, Schuldiner, Patterson, and Masvidal et al. can.

MegaDave is a bit of a different case, I think, since he always was the main guy in Megadeth, in every way, much to chagrin of certain former members who tagged along for the ride. Whatever he cares to do with his band is his decision - and personally I think his output since RIP sucks beyond words. The fact that he went christian doesn't have much to do with that, as far as I'm concerned: I like Believer, even if their lyrics are as silly to me as any BM bands "satanic" drivel. It's the music that matters, and in the end that's true for Mameli's new effort as well, although I maintain it should not have been called Pestilence anymore. I don't expect it to kick my butt even remotely as much as Consuming Impulse did, and I admit it may be hard for me to put aside the feeling that Van Drunen ought to be part of any Pestilence continuation, but we'll see what Mameli comes up with...
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