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Originally Posted by quigonkick View Post
Just having a discussion, man. If you want to get fluffed up that's your choice. Keeping you quiet isn't on my to-do list.

I wonder why you keep reading his interviews if you really think this way. By design, a magazine is a choice of "to read" or "not to read". In other words, you can't rape the willing.

By the way, do you get this chaffed when some band speaks their mind about Satan? Surely you can agree that not only this is one of the most overused and tired cliches in metal, but regarding your words is just as intolerable as having Mustaine speaking his view. Right?
Funnily enough, I don't get 'fluffed up' with bands singing about satan, murder & bathing in entrails, etc. for the reason that most Death Metal is so fucking brutal, that those particular subjects fit like a glove when it comes to lyrics. I hardly think Deicide would sound the same if they had songs about having coffee mornings in their sunday best with their grandparents & taking their elderly neighbors trash out to the garbage truck once a week. Metal bands have been using dark lyrics & imagery since the inception of Black Sabbath. Sorry, if that shit ain't particularly original or inspiring for such a liberal mind as yourself, but them's the breaks

Also, I don't read magazines - but I do regularly scroll down Blabbermouth (where I found this Pestilence article) & Wankstaine is very rarely NOT using it as a platform for his Little God House on the Prairie sermons. It's kind of difficult to actually avoid catching some of his scripture recitals when you're trying to scroll past them in a hurry to find some decent news.

At the end of the day - Fuck Mustaine, God, Satan, All forms of Metal Music which are cliche' ... Oh, and fuck things in general & miscellaneous, just in case I've left something out that you may want to pick holes in.

Now can we fucking well get back to Pestilence please???
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