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Originally Posted by quigonkick View Post
You know, that's a really good point. So why didn't you say so in the first place instead of coming off as a hypocrite?
Hypocrite? So, I ain't allowed to have my own thoughts to be free of religious dogma? Are Atheist hypocrites for having the audacity to play HELLFEST in France last year? Is Kelly & some of the other band members hypocrites for making the 'cornuto' (aka Goat Horn hand sign) during the show or in the photos I got when I met them? Come to think of it, isn't Dave Wankstaine a hypocrite for playing HELLFEST last year the same day as Atheist? I guess he must be a double Wankstaine Hypocrite after his "I'm not playing on the same bill as any Satanic bands!" stance he's adopted along with his new bible... (see below thread for details) only to be on the stage playing as a 'support band' for EMPEROR???

The word hypocrisy has lost all it's power so it seems...

Oh, well, EXCUSE ME, since there's a world of difference between the two... except that they are BOTH voluntary reads. Sheesh, talk about nit-picking!
Like Devin Townsend once said, sometimes you have to wade through the bullshit to find the pearl. With magazines at least you have photos to indicate the associated articles which can aid in avoiding the bullshit you don't want to put up with, but Slabbermouth is a scroll down the page non-indicator of what you will be reading next scenario. Unfortunately, that site is one of the most up to date Metal News sites on the go, and if you want to find out about Metal and it's delicacies, it's one of the source providers.

Now you really need to choose one: Terrorist or Thread Nazi.

And this is for associating me with the word "liberal":
Terrorist, under my user name is a play on words to co-incide with the character from the film. Thread Nazi? When I said PLEASE???

Nice plate-hiding portion of that post-primary school maturity you mentioned.
There's a world of difference between believing you have an imaginary friend & dumbing down your forum language to text format so it can blend in and be understood by some of the bottom feeders that try to communicate with you...

Don't take too much of that too seriously. Hopefully you know by now that I like to have fun here.
I guess we must have a different sense of humor...
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