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Hey, to the few people that still post here, as you have probably noticed, I pretty much abandoned this forum a while ago. At some point, probably a good year ago or more, I noticed I no longer had access to moderate/administrate this forum. I tried to contact the admin of this web site about the issue, but never got a response. So without access to administrate this forum, it's basically useless for us. We were going to set up our own private forum, but figured it probably wouldn't draw as much attention and traffic as a public forum like this does. So instead with everyone on facebook these days, its best if people just interact with our label on our facebook page at www.facebook/brutalbands - our wall is open to everyone, so come join us over there.

I won't be posting here any more, and if an admin happens to stumble by and see this message, please feel free to close this forum. Or if by chance you do want us to stay around, you can email me at brutalbands (at) letting us know that we are now able to moderate/administrate this forum again.
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