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I download a lot of music off newsgroups... Yes I delete what I don't like and generally buy what I do. I was going through one day in April 2005 and found a listing that was requesting Agalloch, and was posting Green Carnation... So I figured I Love Agalloch, the person does too... Must have good taste in music, I'll give them a try. They had posted Blessing in Disguise and The Quiet Offspring. Now I never listen to the first song of a new band\album.... Any band can have one good song, and they Always put it as the first track. I therefor listen to the second song. So the first song by GC I ever listened to was Lullaby in Winter... I was blown away by the band right then. I started looking up info on them, who they were; where they were from... everything. By week's end I had all their CDs on order, the DVD, and the 3 LP box set from The End. It had been years since a band had hit me that hard, and been that amazing.... They are in my top 5 all time.

Since then I have seen them in Toronto at Day of the Equinox (With Agalloch, amazing combo; plus they did LODDOD), in Buffalo NY, Kent OH, and went to Under the Dam.

When I find great music I will do anything to get it. :D
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